Savvy playing with a pup.

Clancy and Ria

Fountain Dog (Faith)

Sage and Pablo



 K2's coming




Cute Placitas puppies



Placitas Puppy (River x Ski)

Taos (K2 x Spur) Let's play


Ria (Treasure x Cappy) and Treasure (Hita x Concho)

Pleeeeeeeeease Mom



Clancy's a happy boy (River x Ski)



Placitas Puppy in mid-air & howling (Niki x Jib)

Placitas Puppy (RayRay x Spur) 

Phoebe (cat) & a Placitas Puppy

Placitas puppies playing (Niki x Jib)

Marki (Daisy x Noche) in a hurry

Trinket (Hita x Concho)

Hita & Hippy

Hippy (Hita x Concho)

Have you seen my fishing gear?    Cappy (Marki x Spur)

Cappy (Marki x Spur)

Kid (Marki x Spur)

Ski (Marki x Spur)


Sage & Faith                                               Sage

Hippy, Hita & Trinket

Sasha (Hita x Concho)

Niki (Raven x Spur) & Taos (K2 x Spur)


Chaco (Taylor x Noche)               Chaco, Faith, Blazer & Hershey


Hershey & Blazer                                      Faith


Faith                                       Blazer (Tangi x Chaco)




Hita, Trinket & Phoebe



Concho & Hita howling on the bed.

Trinket (Hita x Concho)

Trinket (Toy-Hita x Concho) & Marki (Mini-Daisy x Noche)


Sleepin on the stoop                       Toy Kisses from Trinket


Trinket                                  Chaco, What's up????

Cisco, Ahrooooooooorooooooooo 

Chi (mixed breed) and Cisco



Rem and son.



Ray-Ray's Hangin                                  Rem

Puppy Tummys (Taylor x Cisco) 

Tracking lizards



Marki on alert. (Daisy x Noche)


This is our cave.                             Hold still, I gotta get it good.



Aaaaaaaaah, a massage for Ray-Ray.

I got it, I got it..uh, now what????


K2, Let's Play (Daisy x Concho)                           Ahrooooroooorooo



Noche, running with a friend.


New friends

If I'm really good, I might be able to be in the circus. (Kali x Rem)


Pillows, Ray-Ray and Phoebe


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